Our firm

Denoon Legal is a specialist life science law firm.

In addition to a broad experience of advising pharmaceutical and medical technology companies, we have particular expertise in the regulation of regenerative medicine, stem cells and other advanced therapies and embryo research. Denoon Legal is generally involved in these fast-changing areas before the law is on the statute book.

Our ability to meet the different requirements of our clients is reflected in the range of services we provide, which includes:

  • regulatory advice;
  • appealing and challenging regulatory decisions;
  • structuring and implementing strategies to comply with the myriad of regulatory requirements;
  • structuring and implementing strategies to protect, defend and commercialise intellectual property;
  • negotiating, drafting and advising in relation to commercial and intellectual property agreements; and
  • training

We are also happy to collaborate on research projects and have done so for a number of large pan-European projects.

Our extensive experience in the sector regarding IP, regulartory and commercial advice, combined with our long-standing advisory relationships enables Denoon Legal to provide a specialist, trusted and expert service in this dynamic and challenging field.

At Denoon Legal, we firmly believe in a partnership approach to a successful relationship with our clients. To achieve the best in this dynamic field, we need to listen to our clients to understand their culture and perspectives and to meet them where they are.